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  • What can I do with the Creative Kits?
    At Outside the Box - Think | Learn | Play, our goal is keep the creative juices flowing within our young minds. The sensory kits are intended to allow children to use their imaginations through play, touch and feel.
  • How do I keep my dough fresh?
    Each dough is carefully packaged in clear cling wrap. After opening, we recommend storing in an air-tight container such as a resealable sandwich bag.
  • How long will the dough last?
    Though we cannot provide a specific timeframe, we have had oru dough remain soft and usable for up to four to six weeks. This will vary by usage, but with proper care the dough should last for quite a while.
  • What's the dough made of?
    Our non-toxic dough is made from simple kitchen ingredients and food coloring.
  • What do I do if the dough begins to harden?
    If you notice the dough begin to harden up - try adding a couple drops of vegetable oil and kneading thoroughly. Extra dough is also available.
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